VCDX passed – #234

vcdx_smallAmazing week.

Monday morning  – VCDX defense  in Staines,

Then  in ultra quick time – Friday afternoon was here and the email arrived.

I passed – VCDX-234 

I will no doubt blog about my journey and anything I picked up on the way over the coming days, weeks and months.

In the meantime,  thank you to my wife who enabled me to spend the time working. She looked after our kids and kept everything going!

Thanks very much to Rene – VCDX-133 for being my mentor this time round and helping me up my game prep wise.

Now celebration.

vRA Mind Maps

I am currently teaching a vRA 7 ICM course live online.

It’s a very interesting platform and a challenging course to teach, particularly online.

As an attempt to consolidate the material I have created some mindmaps for use in the course and in the field.

  1. vRA Mindmap – Summary of Roles
  2. vRA Mindmap – Install / Architecture thoughts
  3. vRA Mindmap – NSX integration
  4. vRA Mindmap – Extensibility
  5. vRA Mindmap – Reclamation
  6. vRA Mindmap – Blueprints
  7. vRA Mindmap – App Authoring

The complete mind map is also available here as one big file.

yay – Im a vExpert NSX 2016

I had some great news this evening.  NSX

Corey Romero announced the list of vExpert NSX holders for 2016.

This is a sub group  from the pool of existing vExperts specifically aiming at NSX content and evangelism.

I am very honoured to be one of the 115 people vexpert2012awarded.