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1 Oct 2015

vROPs 6 Design vThoughts

by Paul McSharry

Last week I taught a vROPs ICM course.     Had a great week and towards the end we have a chance for a design workshop.

As part of the discussion I knocked up the below Mindmap of useful questions or vThoughts for vROPS deployments for each of the infrastructure qualities.




13 Sep 2015

More VCP6-DCV Questions Added

by Paul McSharry

The VCP6-DCV certification is now available, the main courses have been released and we all have an upgrade exam to do soon.

As I’m deploying vSphere 6 for a client at the moment, gives me ideas for questions as I go along.

I have added another test to the collection.

Feedback always welcome.  I will revise them where needed.

10 Aug 2015

A new VCP6-DCV practice test added

by Paul McSharry

Its been a busy few days.  Currently working on a vSphere upgrade project and while installing thought I would gradually build another test.

This is aimed at the vSphere 6 – VCP6-DCV , added a few VSAN and vReplication aspects too.

Hope you find it useful.

9 Jul 2015

VMware Learning Zone Video Goes Live

by Paul McSharry

A few months ago I had the pleasure  being recorded for the VMware Learning Zone.Screenshot_NSX_Title

This is a new subscription service by VMware Education.  It consists of a growing selection of technical videos created by VMware PSO,  Education and community presenters.

I was honoured to be asked to record a selection of videos.  One of which has gone live on the site.

It looks like a few more of the videos I did are Coming Soon too – Screenshot_NSX_2good stuff

Many thanks to Andy Cary, and  Undeleeb Din for the invite on this project.

Thanks very much to Paul Sorensen and Harold Green for your help on the recording process :>

27 Jun 2015

VCP6-DCV is almost GA | VCP6-DCV Practice Test 2

by Paul McSharry

The VCP6-DCV beta has passed and the new exam is GA, we test slots from August.

The new VCP consists of  1 or more exams depending on your starting point.

The official blueprint has been published and it features a lot of new content   such as VSAN, and vVOLS.

I have added another practice test for the VCP  vSphere 6 series of exams here.  These tests are based on content for both the full and delta versions of the VCP6-DCV

Over the next few weeks I will be adding more and more of these.