vRA Mind Maps

I am currently teaching a vRA 7 ICM course live online.

It’s a very interesting platform and a challenging course to teach, particularly online.

As an attempt to consolidate the material I have created some mindmaps for use in the course and in the field.

  1. vRA Mindmap – Summary of Roles
  2. vRA Mindmap – Install / Architecture thoughts
  3. vRA Mindmap – NSX integration
  4. vRA Mindmap – Extensibility
  5. vRA Mindmap – Reclamation
  6. vRA Mindmap – Blueprints
  7. vRA Mindmap – App Authoring

The complete mind map is also available here as one big file.

yay – Im a vExpert NSX 2016

I had some great news this evening.  NSX

Corey Romero announced the list of vExpert NSX holders for 2016.

This is a sub group  from the pool of existing vExperts specifically aiming at NSX content and evangelism.

I am very honoured to be one of the 115 people vexpert2012awarded.