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17 Mar 2016

Guest Post on VMware EMEA Blogs | Troubleshooting Mindmap download

by Paul McSharry

Recently I was asked to knock up a guest post for the VMware EMEA blog site.   VMWARE_EMEA_GUEST_2016

Im happy to say it went live today –  :-)

I have printed the vSphere Troubleshooting Mind Maps as a separate pdf file  to help with downloads for people who are interested.

The download is

Many thanks to Phil Peters for the opportunity.

26 Feb 2016

vSphere 6 Troubleshooting Mindmap | Virtual Machine

by Paul McSharry

It is  the final day of the vSphere 6 Live Online Troubleshooting course I am leading.

It’s been a busy week with some great discussions on all things troubleshooting and VMware.

Here is the last in the series of the Mind Maps I have given as handouts for having a place to start with a problem in a particular layer!

vSphere 6 Troubleshooting vThoughts_virtual MachinePDF Download Link

25 Feb 2016

vSphere 6 Troubleshooting Mindmap | Management

by Paul McSharry

Day 4 on the vSphere 6 troubleshooting workshop  and another mindmap for the collection.

vSphere 6 Troubleshooting vThoughts_mangement

PDF Download Link

24 Feb 2016

vSphere 6 Troubleshooting Mindmap | Compute

by Paul McSharry

As mentioned Im in the midst of teaching the vSphere 6 troubleshooting course.

Todays top is based around compute and its cluster functions – HA, DRS, etc

Here is the next mindmap in the series.

vSphere Troubleshooting vThoughts_compute

PDF Download link

22 Feb 2016

vSphere 6 Troubleshooting Mindmap | Storage

by Paul McSharry

Here is my vSphere 6 troubleshooting course hand out for storage module.  This course is aimed at VCP and VCIX type certifications and to help vAdmins develop some processes for troubleshooting.

I have tried to create a mindmap and a thought process whereby the vAdmin reviews,

  • Baseline & trend Metrics,
  • Capacity,
  • Latency,
  • Connectivity.
The vAdmin then makes a decision on whether the issue is physical or virtual  using the mindmap for areas to review and check.
Root cause analysis can then be worked on with other teams  such as network and physical storage SMEs using metrics based on
  • Capacity Usage  – Depends on vendor or  design, consider risk, snapshots, swap file etc.
  • Disk Latency  – If  metrics show greater than 20 ms latency review as potential issue.
  • Kernel Command Latency – Anything greater  than 2ms maybe an issue. This should be as close to 0ms as possible.
  • Queue Latency      –  Anything greater than 1ms  latency then review.

Combined  with  end point information such as;

  • WWN or WWPN
  • IQN
  • IP Address configuration
  • Physical Port reference

anyway,  here is the vSphere 6 Troubleshooting Mindmap  for Storage

vSphere Troubleshooting vThoughts Storage

pdf download link