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22 Dec 2015

VSAN Design Thoughts

by Paul McSharry

I recently taught an onsite VSAN course for a VMware client.   They were a great bunch with some amazing experience on larger scale VSAN implementation.

As part of the design discussion section we came up with a mindmap on areas to consider when building a VSAN solution.

Thought it maybe helpful for other people.  So here it is.

13 Oct 2015

VMworld 2015 – NSX Session

by Paul McSharry

Day 1 of VMworld Europe has just started to fade away.

What a great start – I had an interesting day catching up with some friends and checking out the normal Vendor stands.

I was also  very happy to be asked to host a session at the VMware Education Theatre on NSX.  Great fun and lots of questions after the slot.

The session will also be repeated tomorrow afternoon – should be a blast.

Thanks to the team for their help.
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12 Oct 2015

VCI Day 2015 – Great start to VMworld

by Paul McSharry

Today was a great start to VMworld.  I attended the annual European VCI get together.  VCI_day_presentation2015-10-12 12.43.21

The day was filled with great updates on vRA, vROPs and the new update to vSphere 6 was my personal favourite session.

I was honoured to be asked to present a session on “How to transition from VCI on vSphere  to VCI on NSX”.    A daunting task to present in front of 60-70  Instructors, but it was fun and I had some nice chats about the session and content afterwards!

Thanks to Andy Cary, and Undeleeb Din at  VMware Education EMEA for the filled day of content and updates.  Looking forward to next year already.


1 Oct 2015

vROPs 6 Design vThoughts

by Paul McSharry

Last week I taught a vROPs ICM course.     Had a great week and towards the end we have a chance for a design workshop.

As part of the discussion I knocked up the below Mindmap of useful questions or vThoughts for vROPS deployments for each of the infrastructure qualities.




13 Sep 2015

More VCP6-DCV Questions Added

by Paul McSharry

The VCP6-DCV certification is now available, the main courses have been released and we all have an upgrade exam to do soon.

As I’m deploying vSphere 6 for a client at the moment, gives me ideas for questions as I go along.

I have added another test to the collection.

Feedback always welcome.  I will revise them where needed.