yay – Im a vExpert NSX 2016

I had some great news this evening.  NSX

Corey Romero announced the list of vExpert NSX holders for 2016.

This is a sub group  from the pool of existing vExperts specifically aiming at NSX content and evangelism.

I am very honoured to be one of the 115 people vexpert2012awarded.

VSAN 6.2 Design Thoughts Mindmap – Updated

I have just finished teaching  two weeks of the VSAN 6.2 ICM.VSAN 6.2 Design Mindmap Preview

It it great technology and has just been updated to the latest version of the product.

As part of  the last day I decided to update my design mindmap as a prompt for discussions and as a take home.

I have posted it here  for future courses,  or any one who is interested.  It should be relevant for the VCP6-DCV and the upcoming  VCAP6 certs.

VSAN 6.2 Troubleshooting Mindmap

I am currently teaching the VSAN 6.2 ICM.  VSAN6.2_mindmap_preview

Its the first time I have taught the latest 6.2 release so I thought while we were discussing troubleshooting we would create a mindmap together.

It proved popular and  really shows the effort that VMware have put into the day 2 ops with the 6.2 release.

I have placed a pdf version here  for future course attendees or anyone interested.