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15 Oct 2014

VCI Day at VMworld Europe 2014

by Paul McSharry

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As an instructor  VMworld Europe begins with the VCI day.  This is an event where the EMEA VCIs catch up with education, NDA technical roadmaps and other techie stuff around education.

Its also a great place to chat with fellow instructors, trade  stories and ask questions  ( I found myself chatting to an expert in another technology and it has helped me with another project).

FullSizeRender (1)This year’s event was excellent with sessions on vCloud Air and    a fantastic  technical deepdive on VVOL by Lee Dilworth.  It was obvious Lee had spent time preparing and thinking about how to present this material to a roomful of VMware instructors

The new courses  this year. especially NSX were a main discussion around the room and the future  looks  busy


I was also honoured to be given an award for Instructor of the Quarter for EMEA.

Thanks to Andy, Undeleeb, Julie and all at VMware Education for that (and the iPAD Air  prize)

Cant wait till next year

6 Oct 2014

NSX Quiz 5 – Another VCP-NV Practice Test

by Paul McSharry

Its been a busy couple of weeks,  a new vSphere 5.5 – SRM project by day,  a vBrownbag session by night and a NSX ICM in-between them

While I was travelling between the projects I managed to write a few more practice  questions for the VCP-NV.

Test 5 can be found here 

2 Oct 2014


by Paul McSharry


This week I was delighted to have been given the  opportunity to present a session for the VMware  vBrownbags team.

The website / community sessions have been a tremendous help to me over the years and it was great to work with Frank, Mike, and Gregg.

I presented VCP-NV objective 4.   It can be found here

9 Sep 2014

VCP-NV Cleared

by Paul McSharry

It seems the last few months for me  have all been about NSX,   a trip to the states with the BSU (truly amazing teaching from Elver & Chris),  leading  the NSX ICM courses for partners, customers and fellow instructors  – it has been a great experience.

With the release of the the VCP-NV exam at VMworld US I thought  I would have a go  at the cert  quite quickly before I head off to VMworld Europe to attend the deep dives.

Without being too specific,  the blueprint is well rounded with a mixture of networking concepts,  virtualisation concepts and of course the product NSX.

A few Tips from my  experience,

1.  This is a Network virtualisation exam not just  NSX – revise Standard and Distributed switches.
2.  Understand how NSX links into the concept of Cloud computing – recent cloud announcements are useful reading material (Openstack, VCAC).
3.  Review Traditional networking concepts such as routing, switching,  L2, L3, leaf, spine and east/west terms before you schedule otherwise it may be a struggle.
4.  Packet Walks and the official documentation are you friend.
5.  Review the Hands on lab – its 150% needed!

If you have the opportunity  the NSX ICM course is well worth it for the VCP-NSX.  The labs and lecture are matched to the blueprint and the exam wasn’t too scary. It is personally my faviourte VMware course and Im very happy to be teaching it a few times more until the end of the year.

Personally, I started off my IT career  in software testing,  moved into sys admin with wintel and found the light with VMware,  I have to say NSX and the VCP-NV has helped me in my day job with datacenter  networking and even made me interested, something that I thought would never happen.  I did previous networking qualifications (Cisco, Checkpoint)  because I had to.  Now I am hungry for more!

VMworld Europe looks like it will be NSX heavy, and after this experience I can see why!  Roll on  October!

1 Sep 2014

VCP-NV Quiz 4 Released

by Paul McSharry

Gradually updating and building my NSX section.   I have added another 15 questions on NSX-V aimed at helping with the VCP-NV certification.

Available here