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13 Aug 2014

Updating the VCP Practice Exams

by Paul McSharry

I am currently teaching a vSphere 5.5 ICM course in London.    A great bunch of people and lots of discussions about SDDC

While commuting I decided to create a few more practice exam questions to discuss during our morning reviews.

Click here for my 2nd vSphere 5.5 VCP  test ( 15 questions)




20 Jul 2014

NSX Quiz 2

by Paul McSharry

I recent taught  an early access NSX ICM Course in Frimley.

It was a great experience and due to the level of experience in the room  the conversations were very interesting.

As part of my course I always review the content daily.  By Friday, most of the delegates will know the questions and answers :>

I have added a few of them into my NSX online quiz 2 .

Hopefully its useful