In vSphere 5, VMware HA has a new HA agent called the AAM agent

In vSphere 5, VMware HA has no dependancy on DNS

ESXi 5.0 has a firewall engine

LLDP is now supported in vSphere 5 Select the incorrect answer

The default isolation response for VMware HA in vSPhere 5 is

The maximum number of VCPUS a guest machine protected by FT is 2 in vSPhere 5.0

Which of the following is not supported with Storage DRS?

vSPhere 5 now supports storage vmotion with snapshots

The vCenter virtual appliance supports Microsoft SQL as a backend database

What port by default does the vCenter virtual appliance web interface listen on

During an vSPhere 4 to vSphere 5 upgrade, there will be an outage to guest virtual machines while the vCenter is being upgraded

In vSphere 5, VMware Update Manager can no longer update guest virtual machine operating systems

A virtual machine has 3 GB of Ram configured, and a reservation of 2GB. What is the size of the vSwap file?

When a virtual machine is marked as a template the .VMX file is replaced with what file?

Which one of the following files contains the actual data in the guest VM?

vSphere CapacityIQ is a VMware product used to analyse a physical platform in prepartion for physical to virtial migration

iSCSI storage uses World Wide Name addressing and provides high speed network storage for ESXi

vSphere 5 supports NFS v4

To ensure encryption when using iSCSI, CHAP can be configured to protect the data

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