What is the min amount of memory required to install esxi 5?

In esxi 5 the graphical installer is not availible - true or false?

    You have 20 guest virtual machines running critical applications for the ITQA department.
    All critical VMs are running on Datastore 1 (NFS) and it is nearing capacity (currently 900GB used of 1TB total size).
    The guest virtual machines are all windows 2008 r2 enterprise and were created using the default options.
    The storage device has 4TB available for possible VMware storage.
    Which of the following is a valid solution.

Virtual machine swap files are only required if the vSphere solution suffers from resource contention?

A guest VM has the following settings applied,
  • Configured guest memory (vmx) - 24GB Ram
  • Reservation - 10 GB
  • Limit - Unlimited
  • Shares - 9000
  • What is the size of the VM swap file on power on?

    Zoning is a way of restricting and Managing access to storage devices. This is configured at the

    During the peak operating period the new of application servers were increased to 25 servers in total. After the peak period drops, 10 of these servers are powered off to allow CPU and memory resources for test and other project machines. Just before next predicted peak operating period the additional servers are powered on, however the error "Not Enough Disk Space on Datastore" is received. What caused this issue?

    As part of an application upgrade, an administrator has created a snapshot. The system is working correctly and has been confirmed by the application owner they are happy. Which of the following actions will result in keeping the changes

    How many VMs can be backed up per data recovery appliance?

    In a vSphere 5 HA Cluster, the host heart beats are

    In vSphere 5 HA, the FDM master host role is determined by the host which can connect to the most number of data stores. If several hosts can see the same number of data stores. The MOID is used. Select the FDM master role from the below MOIDs

    As part of vSphere 5 increased functionality, Storage VMotion of a guest virtual machine with an active snapshot is now possible

    Which of the following is not part of vSphere 5 HA functionality?

    During a HA event, vSphere 5 now uses Storage heart beats to confirm host outage. Which of the following is used to confirm outage with NFS data stores?

    You are using VMware Update Manager. What is missing in the following process, Create a baseline Attach a baseline Stage Patches Remediate


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