How many virtual switches can a physical NIC be connected to?

How long is the evaluation period for VSphere?

Which of  the following is an accurate description of VMware HA?

What is the maximum number of port groups on a single ESX host?

A guest virtual machine snapshot is an effective means of backup, true or false?

Can the vCentre be protected using the VSphere technology, Fault tolerence?

Which of the following storage technologies are not supported by VMFS

What is the Maximum amount of memory that can be allocated to a guest virtual machine in ESX  4?

VMware fault tolerence supports thin-provisioned virtual disks.

Can a virtual machine template be powered on?

If a guest virtual mchine memory  reservation cannot be met when you try to power on a VM,  what happens?

How many HBAs ports per ESX 4 host machine are supported?

What type of port is required for a software based ISCSI Initiator?

You have 128 ports allocated on on a Vswitch,  how many 1 NIC virtual machines can be powered on using static binding?

Which version of NFS is supported in vSphere?

Comparing to the physical world,  what is the nvram file of a Virtual Machine?

How many nics can a virtual machine have?

What is the file extension for a preconfigured Virtual machine or appliance?

Zoning is configured at the switch layer?

ESX is what type of hypervisor technology?