Logical Design precedes physical design  (True or false)

Active discovery methods used in project activities  such as current states analysis,  do not have an impact on machines  (true or false)

A physical design should include IP address and other types of specific information   (True or False)

You are working as a VMware Architect on a large migration project. The communication links  between sites are not controlled by you or your team.  The contracts are already in place and cannot be amended for 2 years. How would this situation be classified in the project high level design.

A best practice can change over time.  True or False

A website running within a VMware platform.  consists of 15 servers.
  • 10 Web Servers
  • 3 Applications Servers
  • 2  Database Servers
The business has several requirements,  the  below  are just two examples,
  •  The Recovery Time Objective  is 3 hours
  • The Recovery Point objective is 15 minutes
Which of the following is true in this case.

VMware HA functionality can be used to lower RTO  (True / False)

The infrastructure qualities are

A project requirement

When using vSphere 5,  a platform using auto deploy can be protected by  VMware HA .   Is this statement True or False

Which of the following is true  of with respect to failover hosts in vSphere 5.1 HA configuration  

VMware FT  functionality can be used to lower RPO   (True / False)

You are designing a DR  process for  a multi-tier application.   The applications are spread across 4 server roles and 9 servers.     One of the key requirements is to restart the application automatically in the event of a a hardware issue. Natively, when configuring to best practices can VMware HA guarantee the restart order of a vApp.   Yes / No

Which of the following configurations  can have an impact on cluster consolidation  ratio with respect to HA  

When considering scalability of vSphere Platforms,  which of the following is correct  

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