I found the VCDX journey very useful for my real world work as a consultant.

The processes and methodology tuned to achieve the VCDX certification are extremely valuable.

I also really benefited from the VCDX community by reading articles and specific mentoring from a VCDX.

The below growing list of articles are aimed at helping other people in the community and as reference for design courses I lead as part of my VMware instructor work.

The content is based on my personal experience only. I have no knowledge of the scoring method or approach the official panelists use.

  1. Is my design or project , good enough for VCDX?
  2. Risk management for the VCDX candidate
  3. Knowing and studying your VCDX design 
  4. VCDX Supporting Docs | Config, Install, & SETs 
  5. VCDX Supporting Docs | Validation Plans
  6. Post VCDX Defense Thoughts 
  7. When you are unsuccessful at VCDX  – now what?
  8. VCDX Supporting Docs | Implementation plans
  9. Preparing for the VCDX Defense Design Scenario
  10. The VCDX presentation deck – a technical conversation 
  11. VCDX Defense Design Scenario –  Mind map 
  12. VCDX Submission – Mind Map
  13. VCDX – Disaster Recovery Mind map