Which of the following cannot use VMFS v5?

You have a vSphere platform. As part of the upgrade process you would like to upgrade VMFS data stores from v4 to v5. Can this be done with no outage and without moving the Guest VMs?

How many times can you grow a 2tb lun using VMFS 3 from the original 1tb

Due to the site replication bandwidth availible,  the swap file of each virtual machine is configured to be local to the esx hosts.  Will this prevent DRS from running?

Esxi 5 is a image based installation

A hardware dependant iSCSI initiator can boot from San

Which function key is used to customise options in the esxi dcui

Which of the following load balancing policies requires all physical network cards to be set to active in the team?

When using private vlans, all configuration is carried out at the virtual switch

Which Version of the vcenter is required for use with A SQL backend database?

 What is the embedded database in the vcsa?

The vSphere web client in VSphere 5 can use plugins

The vCenter dependancy  has been removed from the HA VM monitoring function in  vSphere 5?

The VMWare storage appliance can not be used with a virtual vCenter

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