A current vSphere 4 platform has 2 datastores. Each datastore consists of 2 extents and is 4TB in size. On a vSphere 5 upgrade, there is requirement for VMFS v5. A live inline upgrade is carried out. What is the final configuration of the datastores

Enhanced VMotion compatibility allows Intel and AMD Sockets to be used together in a drs cluster in fully automated mode.

In vSphere 4.1 and above It is possible to use DRS in fully automated mode with a guest virtual machine using a licence dongle in the esxi host in passthru mode?

vCenter 5 can manage 

Esxi 5 supports uefi

The vCenter 5 install process requires a user with dbo operators role permissions on the database

A vSphere 5 install which was upgraded from 4.x can be rolled back.

In vSphere 4 & 5 HA  there can be only 1 dedicated failover host in HA. This can be scaled to critical machines, or created for internal process reasons, however does create a single point of failure.

A VCSA can be used with a windows based vCenter and associated with linked mode for single pane of glass viewing, and searching.

A esxi host is appearing as disconnected in the vSphere client connected to a vCenter. A quick connection check confirms that the guest machine applications are fine, how do you fix the issue without affecting the virtual mchines.

The VMware tools installation requires a reboot to complete the process.

In VSphere 5 VMware HA can

If the vCenter is unavailible the following statement is true

Which of the following was removed from the vSphere suite from version 5.

FCoE is supported with vSphere 5

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