A virtual machine has be removed from the vCenter interface. How can the guest machine be recovered and placed back to central management.

The file extension for a virtual appliance is .ovf (open virtualisation format)

An ESXi 5 host is running 3 guest virtual machines. VM1 and VM2 have equal share values of 1000, while VM3 has a share value of 3000. At 1am the host is running normally. Which of the following is true.

During vMotion the memory bitmap transferred from the source host to the destination host travels via

The use of customising windows based guest virtual machines using the customisation wizard requires the relevant version of sysprep to be installed on the vCenter

In vSphere 5, How long will the FDM master server wait before restarting guest VMs

Network maintenance is scheduled for 2am the following morning. How should HA be configured during this period.

In vSphere 5 the default isolation response for VMware HA is to power off virtual machines.

Datastore heartbeats are used

As the VCSA is Linux based, sysprep cannot be installed, therefore template functionality is not availible.

The nvram file contains a guest virtual machine

The vmsd file is

The VMware update manager plugin is not appearing in the vCenter plugin manager. How can this be resolved.

A vCenter must be used to provide alarms functionality.

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