Which of the following files is a template extension?

A VM with a high CPU ready value has high amounts of CPU time availible to its  processor(s)

With a vCenter inventory size of less than 100 hosts and a 1000 Vms, how much memory should be configured for the JVM web service

When using vCenter heartbeat one of the vCenter nodes must be virtual

The VCSA is an appliance based installation of vCenter.  It's operating system is Microsoft  Windows, but pre-installed for ease of deployment

 Esxi 5 can use a RDM with NFS v3

A guest VM with a RDM mounted, cannot be migrated using VMotion

What admission control policy is best suited for guest VMS of varied  memory and CPU requirements

How many vCPUs can the system support after an upgrade vSphere 4.1 enterprise to To vSphere 5 enterprise.

If there are no reservations in a cluster, what is the default CPU assignment in slot size

What is the keystroke on the DCUI to reboot the machine

The VMware log collector is installed on the

Memory shares are only considered at contention

A licence for Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise allows how many guest VMs to be legally running & Installed?

Memory compression was introduced in vSphere 4.1, it occurs

RESXTOP is a performance monitoring tool, it shows

Thin provisioned virtual disks can only be used with VMs that are not protected by fault tolerance.

lazy zeroed virtual disks are using with guest VMS  protected by fault tolerance

In vSphere 5 VDR can backup to both disk and tape destinations

The powershell cmd-let "Test-DeployRuleSetCompliance" is used in what vSphere  5 feature?

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