vCenter  5 can manage 3.5, 4, and 5 ESX(i) Hosts

An orchestrated upgrade can use a Host baseline group and a VM baseline group

VMware vSphere Authentication Proxy is used to  authenticate active directory users and accounts

Which of the following is the  correct order of  the vSphere upgrade process to the host level is  shown below VUM, vSphere Client, VUM Plugin,  vCenter,  then hosts.

During the upgrade process VMware HA  will continue to operate

The DCUI  can be operated remotely  from a remote ssh session, by connecting  and typing DCUI at the prompt.

Esxi hosts can be controlled directly using the vSphere web client

Guest Virtual machine files (e.g. VMX) and virtual disks (vmdks) can have separate virtual machine storage profiles.

When using storage drs , IOPS history is checked 8 hours by default.     Recommendations  are then generated.

An Intra-vmdk anti-affinity rule will keep  a guest machine disk files on different datastores

Storage  DRS  does not support NFS

VMwares installation bundles (VIBs) are software packages added to esxi images

Image builder is available as  a virtual appliance used to build packages and updates to ESXi images.

Which of the following commands is used to add a vib to an image profile.

The  auto-deploy machine role can be protected by VMware HA


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