Which of the following functions cease to work by the loss of vCenter

Which tool below is used to protect the vCenter in case of an outage without an outage?

A guest Virtual machine is configured  with 4GB memory.  it has been limited to 2 Gb memory and has no configured reservation. At power on the size of the swap file is

Active overcommitment occurs when the amount of request resources exceeds the amount of available resources from the host machines

In a new project solution, the requirement states that CHAP must be used with iScSi storage. This configuration requires which type of iScSI initiator?

To temporally disable drs in a fully automated DRS cluster while a maintenance task is being carried which of the following will cause the least amount of  impact?

A linked mode vCenter configuration can be used for both redundancy and ease of admin

A VMFS 5 datastore can be used by both esxi4 and esxi5 but not esx4

A distributed switch configuration is owned by the esxi host.

When using Autodeploy, several new hosts suffer a crash.  Which tool can be used to obtain the relevent log files.

The VCSA can support the  auto-deploy function?

The vSphere web client can be used to manage Hosts but not guest VMs.

The ESXi firewall in version 5 can now protect VMs without an installation to the guest o/s

Reservations set at the resource pool level affect the cluster calculated slot size using in VMHA

Which is the correct order of function use to relieve memory pressure during  active over commitment

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