Which of the following functions does not require shared storage?

A standard switch operates as a single switch across more than 1 ESX/ESXi host

What is the maximum lun size?

The data recovery appliance supports back up to tape library

When a host is placed in maintenance mode it will not run any virtual machines unless HA is triggered

How many concurrent storage vMotion operations can be made per ESX/ESXi 4.1 host?

How is the Slot Size calculated ?

In VMware HA, there are primary and secondary host roles.  How many primary roles exsist by default?

Guest Virtual machines with 1vCPU and 2vCPU can be protected using Fault Tolerence

How many machines can a data recovery appliance back up concurrently ?

What is the default port that the vCenter uses to send data to an ESX/ESXI host

HA functionality is dependant on the vCenter.

To save time during a remediation window, a Patch can be downloaded from the Update Manager server to the ESX server  (staged) .  It can then be remediated (applied) at a more convenient time.  Does staging require the host to be in maintenance mode?

In HA, What is the maximum configured failover capacity.

How many concurrent vMotion operations can run on a 1GB network ?

What is the maximum number of hosts per datacenter?

In Ha, What is the default isolation response?

The data recovery appliance supports data de-duplication.

With an ESXi host, Lockdown mode forces all operations through a vCenter server

The contents on a dynamic patch baseline may change as different patches become available

How many vcenters can be linked together with vCenter 4.1

The configured memory limit of a virtual machine is,  the minimum amount of memory guaranteed to the system at power on.

ESX 4.1 will install on 32 Bit Hardware

An administrator attempts to migrate a guest virtual machine from one host to another.  The following message is displayed   "Unable to migrate from esx01.elasticsky.co.uk to esx2.elasticsky.co.uk: Currently connected device 'CD/DVD Drive 1' users backing '/dev/cdrom', which is not accessible". Which of the following will allow the guest machine to

What is the following VMWare HA advanced attribute      -   das.isolationaddress