What are the Maximum number of logical CPUs per  ESX 4.1 host?

When using ESXi, What function key is used from the DCUI (direct console user interface) to shut Down/Restart

A guest virtual machine protected by fault tolerence suffers from a blue screen of death.  What happens to the Secondary?

What address is required when configuring  iScSi shared storage?

What address is required when configuring  FC shared storage?

What address is required when configuring  NFS shared storage?

What is the following file?            Prodappv.vswp

What is the following Prodappv-flat.vmdk

What is the latest version of the virtual machine hardware?

How many seconds by default does the VMware HA function wait before deciding a host is isolated?

What are the Maximum number of Virtual machines per host?

How many vCPUs  per host are supported in ESX/ESXi 4.1 ?

How many vCenter databases exist in a linked mode configuration with 2 vCenter servers?

What network does the VMware HA (High Availibility) agent use to monitor other esxi hosts?

The data recovery appliance requires a backup agent to succesfully backup a guest virtual machine

How many virtual machines can a single data recovery applicance support?

What is the maximum number of physical hosts per cluster?

 What is the Maximum concurrent host HA failover?

What is the Maximum percentage failover of a cluster?

VMware update manager can apply patches to guest virtual machines?

How many swap files per virtual guest machine is supported?

What is the maximum supported amount of physical memory per ESX/ESXi host?

Remote hot cloning uses the Microsoft VSS snapshot technology.

A vApp is

A virtual machine has 1 disk with system and user data.  The disk is in non-persistant mode, what will happen if the machine is powered off and back on again?