A vShield edge appliance is automatically deployed by vCloud Director using vShield manager

vCloud director requires an enterprise plus licensed version of vSphere

All vCD servers must share a single backend vCD database

Micrsosft sysprep is required to customise vApp machines in deployment.  The corresponding sysprep versions must be installed on which server role.

A guest vm with one nic, can be multi homed by adding additional vApp networks and presenting them to the guest vNic via the vShield edge device

A new provider vDc has beens created, and VM hardware 8 is specified.  Which version(s) of esxi can be used

Fast provisioning allows a copy of a template to be deployed without copying the whole of the template, but links common information. This results is increased speed of deployment and reduction in the amount if storage used.

A vCloud director catalog can contain

A shared catalog can be read by another vCloud direct tenant.

A published catalog can be  edited by any tenant in the vCloud director database.

An organisational administrator  can create an organisation network

The organisational administrator has full access to the full VCD platform

An Esxi host must be prepared for vCloud Director, by installing the vCD Agent from vCD portal

A vDC system administrator disables the only provider vDC to an organisational vDC.  This disables the organisational vDC.  What happens to the running Vms and vApps?

A vCD esxi 5 host is disabled and the "redeploy all Vms" function is started.  What happens to the VMs on this host.

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