A stranded item is ….

When an organisation is disabled  the running vApps are suspended.

Which of the following is an optional component of a cloud computing solution based on vCloud director.

Which DRS  setting is required for a  cluster used with vCloud director

How many SSL certs are required for a vCloud director server?

Which command  is used to create  and request certificates in the vCloud director server.

Which of the following commands well start the vCloud director server services

You are the system administrator of a private cloud platform. There is an ongoing issue with the system and you have raised an incident request with VMware support. Which of the following commands can be used to obtain support information from the vCloud director platform.

A User has a vApp runtime lease of 14 days.  What happens after this period?

A vApp storage lease starts when the vApp is powered off.

vCloud director will automatically create resources pools as required

When the Cloud Cell Maintenance Message is displayed users cannot connect to the vCloud browser GUI or API 

The vApp author role can change the vApp owner.

What is the database installed on the vCloud director appliance?    

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