A vApp can be fenced if  

A vApp network can connect to another vApp network  (true or false)  

An organisation  vDC can be configured with multiple network pools (True/false)

As a hosting provider, can multiple tenants with separate organisational vDCs share the same network pool?

Which of the following resources is not controlled in the vDC configuration.

Microsoft clustering is supported in vCoud Director 5. 1  <True/False>

Guest virtual machine fast provisioning is supported from vSphere 4.1

How does a vAdmin correctly licence the vShield  component of the vCoud suite

How does a vAdmin correctly licence the vCloud component of vCloud suite?  

A hosting provider has two clusters with differing characteristics (ie High powered and low powered). What  could a vAdmin do to correctly logically separate and assign vApps to either Custer.  

An external organisational direct connect network can have  

External networks require port groups to be present on the vSphere switch layer.  (true/False)

Which of the following cannot be created by an organisational vDC admin?  

In a vCloud platform with 5 cells, how many vCloud director databases are present?  

A direct-connect organisation network can be administered by both  system administrators and vDC administrators. <True/False>